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Are Dashcams allowed in the car in Germany?

Yes, carrying a car camera is allowed! However, their use is the big point of contention. If a Dashcam is running permanently, it violates the privacy policy. People and vehicles are filmed who have not given their consent. Thus, the recordings are considered "unauthorized video surveillance" and are prohibited.
However, on 15 May 2018, the Federal Supreme Court decided that courts can admit the recordings of a dashcam as evidence in civil proceedings. However, this is not an unrestricted carte blanche for the use of the car cameras. They should meet certain criteria so that they are also approved from a data protection perspective. Otherwise a fine for violation of the data protection regulations is threatened.

By the way, if you have installed a dashcam in your car and are driving abroad, you should find out in advance exactly where it is allowed, tolerated or prohibited to carry it. In Austria, for example, a corresponding permit is required. In the countries the topic is also discussed again and again and therefore the legal situation can change again and again. Therefore you should familiarize yourself with the respective regulations before each trip.

What requirements should a car camera meet?

Ideally, a dashcam should only become active when something happens. But cameras can't know, when that will be. Therefore they run from the start of the ignition until the engine is switched off. In order to meet the data protection requirements, the data should not be stored permanently, but should be overwritten in short intervals. This means that the video sequences range from 30 seconds up to 10 minutes and are then overwritten again directly. Only in an emergency may the data be saved for a longer period. For this purpose, the cameras have an integrated impact detection function. The G-sensor technology ensures that in the event of heavy braking followed by an impact, the data is saved so that it can be retrieved later. If no collision occurs after heavy braking, the frequency is overwritten again. This prevents the recordings from being used to blacken other road users with the police. In addition, the recordings of the accidents must not be disseminated.

Other requirements for Dashcams are:

  • At least a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution ideally with Full-HD: Only in this way can license plates, for example, be easily readable
  • Automatic start/stop function: The car camera starts recording when the engine is started and ends when the ignition is switched off. This prevents the car battery from discharging.
  • Replacement battery: So that the Dashcam can continue recording even during a power failure or outside the vehicle.
  • In camera mode, the car camera also functions as a digital camera, so that, for example, more pictures can be taken in the event of an accident.
  • viewing angle: This should be at least 120° degrees
  • External memory card: The recording should be made on external memory cards, ideally SD cards. SD cards can easily be read out in other devices. We recommend a size of 32 GB.
  • Color screens: For better video quality>/li>

Some car cameras have a special night vision function, others have an integrated GPS device. Which of these features is needed depends on the available budget and your own requirements for a Dashcam.
Attaching the dashcams is very easy on most models and is generally done by using a suction cup to attach the camera to the windscreen or dashboard. The power supply is usually provided by the 12V socket in the car.

Which car cameras do we offer in the WS-Shop?

In our product range you will find dashcams from Ring Automotive, which is known for powerful technologies in the automotive sector. The Ring automotive cameras all have the following features:

  • start/stop function
  • G-sensor technology (impact detection)
  • Color screens
  • 120° degrees Viewing angle
  • 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution
  • digital camera mode

The model RBGDC200 has an additional integrated GPS device, has Full-HD and delivers very good video quality even at night. With each of the products you meet the legal and statutory requirements, including data protection, and can therefore use them without hesitation in Germany. All models are suitable for every type of vehicle. Your requirements catalogue alone decides which car camera is best for you. If you have any further questions, simply contact our customer service. Otherwise, we wish you an accident-free journey.