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The exhaust system ensures good air

The exhaust is an often underestimated part on the vehicle. The main tasks of the exhaust system are to dissipate the exhaust gases, dampen the noise of the engine and filter environmentally harmful residues. If the exhaust system has a defect, it can already have a big impact. Increased fuel consumption, pollution and noise pollution are the consequences when damage occurs. The exhaust system is constantly subjected to a high load in order to protect us and our environment. Every combustion in the engine produces loud banging noises, and the exhaust system must contain these noises. Added to this is the immensely high temperature of the exhaust gases. Vibrations from the outside of the vehicle also have an effect on the exhaust system, as do liquids or road salt from the road. In the lower section of the page, we go into more detail on the following topics:

Structure of an exhaust system
Detect defects in the exhaust system
What to look for when buying parts of an exhaust system?

The structure of the exhaust system

The exhaust system starts with the exhaust manifold and the associated manifold gasket. An exhaust manifold usually lasts the life of a car. From the manifold, the exhaust gases are directed through the individual openings into the so-called Y-pipe. Installed on or in the Y-pipe is the flex pipe, which consists of a wire mesh. It can move easily and thus absorb and cushion the vibrations of the engine block. At the same time, it is also susceptible to damage and corrosion. In most vehicles, the Y-pipe also houses the lambda sensor. This reports the composition of the exhaust gases and so the mixing ratio of air and fuel can be optimized.

In gasoline engines, the catalytic converter now follows and serves as a filter, which filters out large parts of the toxins. In diesel engines, this is usually followed by the soot particle filter. In both diesel and gasoline engines, the AGR valve is also installed between the exhaust system and the intake tract. In the case of diesel, exhaust gas recirculation serves to reduce nitrogen oxide by lowering the combustion temperature. Gasoline engines benefit from EGR because the admixture of exhaust gases reduces fuel consumption.

A brief overview of the exhaust gas purification of the two engines:

Gasoline engines:
The formation of carbon dioxide cannot be prevented in gasoline engines. The catalytic converter, however, reduces the pollutants by converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides into nitrogen. The catalytic converter contains a body made of ceramic, which is constructed in the form of a honeycomb. The precious metals platinum, rhodium and palladium are built into the ceramic, which additionally bind the harmful substances.

Diesel engines:
Soot formation is the biggest problem in diesel engines. The soot particle filter or diesel particulate filter (DPF) filters the particles out of the exhaust gas. A sensor determines the regeneration phase. Then the DPF heats up and the fine dust particles are burned off.

The catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter is followed by the pre- and mid-silencer, where mainly the vibrations are reduced and the exhaust gas flow is reduced. The final component in the exhaust system is the final muffler. Here, vibrations are further reduced by damping material and the exhaust gases are divided into several chambers, reducing each other's sound waves. Condensation collects in the exhaust system, which is spewed out at the end together with the exhaust gases.

How can defects in the exhaust system be detected and what are they?

The high loads on the exhaust system can lead to defects. These are either broken components such as the lambda sensor, soot particle filter or catalytic converter, or leaks in the exhaust pipe and exhaust. The latter is noticeable by louder noises at the exhaust or also by wet spots under the car. A rattling at the exhaust system is often an indication of a loose bracket or a broken catalytic converter. A visual inspection will often show where the damage is. Small open or leaking areas can be sealed with a exhaust repair paste or, alternatively, welded. Brackets are also quickly changed on an exhaust system.

However, if the defect is not on the outside of the visible parts of the exhaust system, the repairs are somewhat more complex. Increased fuel consumption or loss of power, for example, indicate broken parts such as the lambda sensor and DPF. Also dark exhaust gases are an indication of a defect located in the exhaust system. In the cases, the repair of the exhaust system is possible only with appropriate expertise.

What to look for when buying parts of an exhaust system?

If you want to buy parts for an exhaust system, you should always go for high-quality spare parts. These do not necessarily have to be original parts from the vehicle manufacturer. These parts are also often only purchased from reputable suppliers. With us in the store you can choose from the following brand manufacturers:

  • AIC: EGR valves, boost pressure control valves, other valves, intake manifold, intake and exhaust manifolds, pressure converter, carburetor flanges
  • Ampro: NOx sensors, lambda sensors
  • BM Catalyst: Catalytic converters and exhaust pipes and associated mounting material
  • Bosch: Lambda sensors for before and after the catalytic converter, NOx sensors
  • Delphi: Lambda sensors and EGR valves
  • Elring: Manifold gaskets, other gaskets and mounting kits
  • FA1: Clamps, pipe connectors, brackets, gaskets, particle filters, repair kits, other accessories
  • Febi Bilstein: EGR valves with and without seals
  • Hella: EGR valves and lambda sensors
  • Herth+Buss: EGR valves and lambda sensors
  • HJS: Clamps, pipe connectors, pressure lines, diesel particulate filters, gaskets
  • IMASAF: Middle silencers, rear silencers, assembly and repair kits, gaskets, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, tailpipe trims
  • Magneti Marelli: Servomotors, lambda sensors, intake manifolds
  • Mahle: Cooler Exhaust gas recirculation, flow and return lines
  • Meat & Doria: Pressure transducer, EGR valves
  • NGK: Lambda sensors, NOx sensors
  • NRF: EGR modules
  • Pierburg: EGR valves, other valves, pressure converters, servomotors, actuators, intake manifolds
  • Sonax: Exhaust assembly paste, exhaust repair kits
  • Trucktec Automotive: Turbocharger oil lines, gaskets, intake and exhaust manifolds, lambda sensor, intake manifold flaps, EGR valve
  • Valeo: EGR valves
  • VDO: EGR valves, actuators
  • Victor Reinz: Gaskets
  • Wahler: EGR valves, piping
  • Zuffenhausen Parts: especially for Porsche vehicles: oil lines, gaskets, mounting material, breather hoses

It is therefore worthwhile to rely on branded goods if you want to buy parts for an exhaust system. It is significantly cheaper than the original parts but still of the same quality. Thus, the newly installed spare parts from the exhaust system will last a long time and you still save money. To buy the right parts for the exhaust system from us, it is best to select your vehicle. Then you will be shown only suitable parts. If you are unsure which spare part you need for your exhaust system, simply contact our customer service with the 17-digit chassis number.

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TRUCKTEC Ansaugkrümmerdichtung MERCEDES W204 W205 W212 W221 W639 X204 X253 OM651

Item No.: UNI313W160
part number: 02.16.058
Baugruppe: Luftversorgung
Verwendung: Ansaugkrümmergehäuse
Mengeneinheit: Stück
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BM CATALYSTS KRÜMMERKAT VW Polo 9N SEAT Ibiza 3 SKODA Fabia 1 2 1.2 64-70 PS

inkl. MONTAGEMATERIAL | für Fahrzeuge bis EURO-Norm 4

Item No.: A18813W932
Manufacturer: BM CATALYSTS
part number: BM91535H
EAN-Code: 5052746079227
Baugruppe: Abgasanlage
Nur_In_Verbindung_Mit: FK91535
Pruefzeichen: E9-103R
Mengeneinheit: Stück
163,95 EUR

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IMASAF Endschalldämpfer SMART ForTwo Coupe + Cabrio (451) 1.0 61 / 71 PS ab 2007

für Fahrzeuge mit EURO 5b-Norm | mit E-Prüfzeichen

Item No.: A13813W100
Manufacturer: IMASAF
part number: 32.56.07
Baugruppe: Abgasanlage
Einbauseite: hinten
Verwendung: Endschalldämpfer
Mengeneinheit: Stück
Gewicht_kg: 8,36
Laenge_mm: 980
211,23 EUR

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BOSCH 0258003181 Lambdasonde VOR Kat VW Corrado 1.8 G60 2.0i 16V Golf 2 1.8 GTI G60

Item No.: UNI564W008
Manufacturer: BOSCH
part number: 0 258 003 165
EAN-Code: 3165141861860
Baugruppe: Gemischaufbereitung
Anzahl_Der_Leitungen: 3
Verwendung: Lambdawert
64375388: 100000
Mengeneinheit: Stück
Laenge_Ueber_Alles_mm: 610
67,95 EUR

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ELRING Ansaugkrümmerdichtung PORSCHE 911 996 997 3.6 Turbo / GT2 / RS

ELRING: 234.361 | PORSCHE: 996 110 103 71

Item No.: A09313W963
Manufacturer: ELRING
part number: 234.361
EAN-Code: 4041248167724
Baugruppe: Zylinderkopf
Verwendung: Ansaugkrümmer
Mengeneinheit: Stück
7,75 EUR

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FA1 Reparaturrohr Katalysator BMW 1er E81 E82 E87 E88 120i 3er E90-E93 320i N43 vorne

Item No.: A02813W102
Manufacturer: FA1
part number: KF100015
EAN-Code: 5902076397181
Baugruppe: Abgasanlage
Abgasanlage: für Katalysator
Einbauseite: vorne
Verwendung: Katalysator
Mengeneinheit: Stück
Laenge_mm: 135
Rohrverbinder: Flexibel
Spezifikation: Repair Flex
Rohr_mm: 55,5
89,95 EUR

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Länge: 135 mm | Ø 45 mm | mit E-Prüfzeichen

Item No.: A12813W001
Manufacturer: IMASAF
part number: 04.10.45
Baugruppe: Abgasanlage
Durchmesser_mm: 45
Version: posteriore cromato
Verwendung: Endrohr
Mengeneinheit: Stück
Laenge_mm: 135
14,95 EUR

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Rohrleitung AGR Ventil OPEL Astra H Signum Vectra C Zafira B 1.9 CDTI 5851405

vom OPEL Erstausrüster | OPEL OE-Nr. 55202704

Item No.: A16213W354
Manufacturer: OPEL
part number: 55202704
Baugruppe: Abgasrückführung
Verwendung: AGR-Ventil
Mengeneinheit: Stück
instead of 264,42 EUR 75,95 EUR

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MAHLE Kühler Abgasrückführung BMW 3er E90-93 325/330d 5er F10 F11 525-535d X5 11717805446

Item No.: A02213W388
Manufacturer: MAHLE
part number: CE 10 000P
EAN-Code: 4057635052436
Baugruppe: Abgasrückführung
Breite_mm: 65
Version: produced by Behr
Tiefe_mm: 54
Mengeneinheit: Stück
Laenge_mm: 143
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info 2: mit AGR-Ventil
407,79 EUR

incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs

Currently not available at the time

ELRING 051202 Dichtung Leitung AGR-Ventil MERCEDES W204 W211 W164 Vito Viano W639 OM642

Mercedes-Benz OE-Nummer: 6421421880

Item No.: UNI313W176
Manufacturer: ELRING
part number: 051.202
EAN-Code: 4041248398920
7,95 EUR

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PIERBURG 7.00887.21.0 Druckwandler Magnetventil Turbolader BMW 1er F20 F21 11747626351

und für 3er E90-93 F30 F31 5er F10 F11 X1 E84 X3 F25 X4 F26 X5 | Motorcode beachten!

Item No.: A02213W349
Manufacturer: PIERBURG
part number: 7.00887.21.0
EAN-Code: 4028977823718
Baugruppe: Luftversorgung
Ventilart: Magnetventil
Spannung_v: 12
Verwendung: Turbolader
Mengeneinheit: Stück
Betriebsart: elektrisch-pneumatisch
73,95 EUR

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PIERBURG AGR Kühler Abgasrückführung AUDI A4 B8 A5 A6 C6 Q5 8RB 2.7/3.0TDI 059131515ET

auch für PORSCHE Cayenne (92A) 3.0 Diesel & VW Touareg (7P) 3.0 V6 TDI

Item No.: A18213W352
Manufacturer: PIERBURG
part number: 7.01106.38.0
EAN-Code: 4028977776120
Baugruppe: Abgasrückführung
64374570: SI 1003-21
Material: Aluminium
Mengeneinheit: Stück
Betriebsart: elektrisch
373,95 EUR

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Currently not available at the time
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