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Our W+S bonus programme: Loyalty is rewarded!

We offer the opportunity for everyone to collect bonus points with every purchase on our shop and thus save money on future orders. Everything you need to know about our W+S bonus programme can be found here on this page.

Collecting bonus points

Bonuspunkte sammeln

With a registered customer account, you automatically accumulate bonus points with every order placed. The bonus points you have already collected are displayed at the top of the page next to your account. You can view a detailed list in your account under My Account > Bonus Points.

Bonus point calculator

Einfache Bonuspunkte sammeln

You will receive 2 bonus points for every full euro of turnover. On each item detail page you will be shown how many bonus points you would receive for the respective item in the event of an order. The bonus points do not expire and can be accumulated over any period of time.

Double points

Doppelte Bonuspunkte erhalten

We reward particularly loyal customers with double points. If you have achieved a turnover of more than 1,000.00 EUR in the past 365 days, you will receive the customer account status "premium customer". For every full euro of turnover, we will credit 4 bonus points (instead of the previous 2 bonus points) to your bonus point account. To check whether you are already a "Premium Customer" or how many euros of turnover you still need to get an upgrade, please take a look at My Account > Bonus Points.

Redeem bonus points

Bonuspunkte einlösen

You can use the bonus points collected in the past to save money on future orders. One bonus point corresponds to an equivalent value of € 0.01. Example: For redeeming 400 bonus points you will receive a discount of €4.00. To redeem the collected bonus points, you only have to enter the desired amount of bonus points to be redeemed in the field "bonus points" in the order process step no.4 Order completion and click on redeem.

Further questions about the bonus programme

When do I get my bonus points credited?

After each order you will receive the collected bonus points credited to your customer account.

If I cancel, will the bonus points be deducted again?

Yes, in the event of a cancellation, the corresponding bonus points will be deducted from your account again.

Are redeemed bonus points refunded in the event of a return?

No, redeemed bonus points will not be credited again in the event of a return./p>