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Find spare parts correctly with our parts check

That's the right way!

We show you how to find the right spare part for your vehicle. Pay attention unconditionally to the restrictions in the vehicle tables!
Do you have doubts whether the found part really fits in your vehicle ? No problem! Please contact us before placing your order - we will be happy to help you!
Attention! You must pay close attention to this:
("KBA Code")
PR numbers, motor codes etc.
(Defining the exact assemblies)

Determine your vehicle data and use the parts check in the item description

HSN/TSN (KBA code)

You will find the KBA key numbers in your registration certificate (left picture).
2.1 = HSN - 2.2 = TSN

With the old vehicle registration document:
zu 2. = HSN - zu 3. = TSN

Model/vehicle (type, power, etc.)

You will also find all technical data of your vehicle in your registration certificate.

On the back of your registration certificate you will find a legend with explanations of all data.

Important! Check the results.

Vehicle identification numbers (chassis numbers)

You will find the so-called chassis number or also vehicle identification number in your registration certificate and letter. It is also attached to your vehicle behind the windscreen or in the engine compartment. On the left we briefly explain the relevant components of the manufacturer specific vehicle identification numbers.

Special features (PR codes, motor codes etc.)

For all vehicles of the VAG Group (AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, VW, PORSCHE etc.), so-called PR numbers determine exactly the parts actually installed. You will find the list of your PR numbers on a sticker in your vehicle (examples on the left).

Compare your PR numbers with the PR numbers listed in the "Notes" column (if specified)

If the other vehicle data as well as at least one of the given PR numbers are correct, you are on the safe side!

Important! Check the results.

If you have followed the above instructions and observed the restrictions / notes in the vehicle tables, you will soon have your suitable spare part in your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. My vehicle / my brand is not explained here. What now?

Each vehicle manufacturer hides certain information behind the chassis number / vehicle identification number. Due to the large number of vehicle brands, we cannot explain all the details about each vehicle manufacturer here. However, we would be happy to help you find the right component for your vehicle model at any time. Talk to us!

2. My vehicle has a restriction / a hint that I do not understand. What has to be done?

Please order not simply on good luck. In such a case, please always contact us and give us your vehicle data so that we can check whether the article found is suitable for your vehicle. We would like to avoid a wrong order in any case.

3. My vehicle has a restriction on the braking system. What does that mean?

For brake parts that are only suitable for a certain manufacturer of a brake system, a look at the brake calliper is helpful. Usually the manufacturer (e.g. ATE, BOSCH, LUCAS etc.) is stamped on the brake calliper.