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Bosch windscreen wipers - top quality and maximum service life

Finding the right Bosch windshield wiper for your own vehicle is not that difficult if you consider a few points. In the following text, we would like to explain the differences in the designations and what to look out for when buying. We also give you tips on how to replace Bosch wiper blades and how to extend the service life of Bosch wiper blades.

Types, design and functions of Bosch wiper blades
Determine the suitable Bosch windscreen wipers
Extend the life of Bosch windshield wipers
Why buy Bosch wiper blades at WS-Autoteile

To the Bosch wiper blades assortment

Difference bow wiper blades and flat bar wipers

Flat bar wiper Bosch AeroTwin A979S

The classic are the bow wiper blades (e.g. Bosch Twin). These have hardly changed since their invention in 1903. They can be found in many popular older vehicles and are still installed as standard in some new vehicles. These wiper blades are available with and without spoiler. The spoiler ensures that the airstream automatically presses the wiper blade more strongly against the windscreen. This results in a better wiping result. At the same time, better aerodynamics reduce wind noise.

A spoiler has always been integrated in the modern flat bar wipers (e.g. Bosch Aerotwin). These automatically adapt to the curvature of the windscreen and therefore also have an even contact pressure even with strongly curved windows. They lie more strongly against the windscreen than wiper blades and there are no joints that can freeze in winter. Flat bar wipers are also suitable for older vehicles, as Bosch also offers them with different mounts. The Bosch AeroTwin Multiclip wiper blades come with several adapters with the most common mounts. Therefore it is also possible to retrofit Bosch AeroTwin wipers in vehicles that are not equipped with a Bosch wiper ex works.

Types, design and functions of Bosch wiper blades

Bosch AeroTwin, Retrofit or nevertheless Multiclip? Which Bosch windscreen wiper is the right one for your car? We would like to show you by means of the product numbers which designation stands for which Bosch model and where the differences between the different wiper blades lie. The S in the product designations means that the wipers are equipped with a spoiler.

  • Example A979S: The A stands here for Bosch AeroTwin, the numbers stand for the model number.
  • Example AR728S: The AR here stands for Bosch AeroTwin Retrofit, this is the upgrade series from Bosch. These flat bar wipers come with integrated spoiler. They can be ordered from vehicles that are have been equipped ex works with a bracket wiper blade.
  • Example AM466S: AM means Bosch AeroTwin Multiclip, these come with a MultiClip adapter, which allows you to mount the Bosch windscreen wipers on the four most common mounts
  • Example AF554: AF stands for Bosch AeroFit, the flat bar wipers were developed especially for smaller as well as older vehicles.
  • Example 466S: These are the classic Bosch Twin U-blade wiper blades.
 Bosch AeroTwin Multiclip AM466S with box

Determine the suitable Bosch windscreen wipers - mounts and lengths

The different recordings and types of the manufacturers can be quite confusing. For this Bosch offers help with the Wiper App, here you can find videos for mounting the purchased Bosch windshield wipers and also for dismantling the old wipers. In our shop, you can conveniently enter the key numbers (HSN TSN) of your vehicle in the upper left corner before you buy. If you are then on the product detail page, you will receive a note at the top whether the article fits your vehicle. Alternatively, you can also browse through the list of matching vehicles on this page in the lower section with the respective restrictions. First of all, you should pay attention to the year of manufacture as well as to the type of mounting (hook mounting, side-lock, top-lock or bayonet). The latter can also be found in the operating manual of your vehicle.

Additional security can be given by measuring the Bosch wiper blades, the appropriate length is also in the logbook. Small deviations are usually no problem. Don't forget the rear wiper blade when replacing it, because when the front rubber is due, the rear one is usually also due. The Bosch wiper blade sets are also cheaper in most cases. The installation is generally very easy:

  1. Move the wiper arms to the appropriate position each time the vehicle is moved and fold them upwards.
  2. Remove the old wipers.
  3. Leave the newly inserted wiper blade to engage audibly

Do not simply release the wiper arm afterwards, but carefully place it back on the windscreen so as not to damage it.

Change Bosch windscreen wipers or extend service life ?

Hand approaches blades lying on the windscreen by the windscreen wipers to remove

If the wiper blades smear and leave annoying streaks or cause loud noises such as squeaking, this is usually due to the age of the rubber. The rubber hardens over time due to external influences such as sunlight, coarse dirt, ice and temperature changes. This process is unavoidable. The general recommendation is to check the wiper blades at certain intervals and replace them once a year. In this way, you will always be able to drive with a full view of the road and thus contribute not only to your safety but also to the safety of all road users.

You can also significantly extend the life of the wipers by regularly wiping them off with a damp cloth with a little detergent. Never treat the Bosch wiper blades with aggressive cleaning agents. In winter you should also not use the wipers as ice scrapers, as this can cause damage to the wiper motor, among other things.

To ensure that your new windscreen wipers function reliably, we recommend that you clean the windscreen thoroughly before fitting to remove any old residue and thus prevent it from being lubricated again. Often people forget that the windscreen itself can also be a source of smears. Therefore, it is important to clean the windscreen and rear window before replacement and regularly with glass cleaner and a simple cloth. Also after the car wash, the windscreen should be cleaned again with a cloth, as the wax can also cause streaks!

Why buy Bosch windscreen wipers at WS-Autoteile?

Many cheap wiper blades are advertised as containing only natural rubber. However, a mixture of natural rubber in the contact surface and synthetic in the upper part is the better choice for a long life. This is also the case with Bosch wiper blades. The upper part of the high-quality rubber is soft to adapt to the curvature of the windshield by the pressure of the wiper arm. The lower part, on the other hand, is harder to wipe without streaks or residue. Other advantages of Bosch windshield wipers are:

  • Smooth wiping
  • low noise even when the pane is almost dry
  • less sensitive to heat and cold
  • Even at high speed still good visibility due to an aerodynamic design
  • are already used in many vehicles ex works (original equipment manufacturer)
  • Have been tested directly on vehicles

With us you will find a huge selection of Bosch windscreen wipers. We also offer the Bosch flat bar wipers and bow wipers in many suitable sets for front and rear window at reasonable prices. Here you can save money. A look at our selection is worthwhile in any case! If you have any further questions about Bosch products, please contact our customer service.

To the Bosch wiper blades assortment