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LuK clutches and flywheels: Quality at the highest level

The clutch - an essential component of the car. Without this component, we can neither start, nor shift gears, and would not move forward with our vehicle. It is exposed to high loads during every car journey. In this article, we would like to introduce you to a well-known manufacturer that specializes in the field of clutch kits, flywheels and other components of the drivetrain. It is the successful manufacturer LuK.

What is behind LuK and what products do they manufacture?


LuK, derived from the company "Lamellen- und Kupplungsbau" founded in Bühl in 1965, has been managed by Schäffler AG since 1999. LuK was quickly able to make a name for itself in the automotive industry, as they achieved technological leadership in many areas. Their products such as clutch systems, transmission components, torsional dampers and parts for tractors clearly set them apart from the competition. The innovative dual-mass flywheels are particularly noteworthy. They have perfected these like no other manufacturer. They are characterized for the driver by a high level of driving comfort and a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Currently you can find in our store from LuK mainly:

The set is also in combination of clutch kit and release bearing very popular with us.So you do not have to pick out all the parts individually, but have with a mouse click all the necessary parts for the clutch change together. These products are tailor-made for your vehicle and meet the highest quality requirements. Convince yourself!

What reasons speak for the products of LuK:

  • LuK stands for longevity. The materials used for manufacturing must withstand numerous durability tests.
  • LuK enjoys an outstanding reputation nationally and internationally.
  • LuK has convinced us: the first-class quality we would like to pass on to our customers.
  • With the highest quality standards, the products allow LuK clutches and LuK flywheels to work efficiently in combination with the release bearing.

If you need a new clutch for your car, we can recommend the brand manufacturer LuK. So you have long pleasure in the spare part, be it a LuK clutch or LuK flywheel. Feel free to look at the LuK range in our store. It is best to select your vehicle in the upper section of the page and then the manufacturer LuK. Then you will receive all suitable offers for your vehicle. For questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support. To do so, please have the vehicle ID number ready.

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