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SPIDAN - with experience to success


No other brand is as well known in the automotive industry as SPIDAN. No wonder, because the history of the company GKN, which produces and distributes the products of the SPIDAN brand, goes back to the year 1759. It all started with an ironworks in Wales, where screws, nuts and fasteners were produced. GKN became more and more successful and expanded its product range with the production of constant velocity joints, quickly spreading to all continents. Demand grew steadily, providing the company with more and more resources for research, development and modernization. Today, GNK manufactures an extensive range of products in the field of propulsion with the SPIDAN brand in more than 30 countries.

You will find in our store mainly the following products from SPIDAN:

SPIDAN is in great demand by car manufacturers of the European and Asian market due to its perfect quality. Even manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Porsche and Maserati use this brand, because the products of SPIDAN perfectly meet the requirements of original equipment parts. SPIDAN has also long been able to prove itself in motor sports with components of the drive train, for example with the SPIDAN drive shaft. We also carry a very wide range of spare parts from SPIDAN and SPIDAN CHASSIS PARTS, among others, for almost all Porsche models .

SPIDAN Chassis Part is also part of SPIDAN and comprises a range of spare parts that revolve around the chassis, i.e. the undercarriage, of a car, while the actual SPIDAN product line covers the driveline.

You can find the following product groups of SPIDAN Chassis Parts in our store:
Spidan Assortment excerpt

Through centuries of experience, SPIDAN has been able to make a great name for itself in the automotive market, as their products stand for high quality, long service life, efficient cooperation of components and high-quality materials. See for yourself our huge range of SPIDAN and SPIDAN Chassis Parts spare parts. Surely there is also the right part for your vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service with the 17-digit chassis number.

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