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Our spare parts sets put together for you

As an online shop with many years of experience in the trade of vehicle parts and accessories, we know what our customers need. The inspection and repair solutions we create individually are perfectly matched to each other. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the automotive parts industry, our spare parts sets are a strong combination of high quality and competitive prices. This makes it easier for you to find the right vehicle parts and you have all the parts you need in your shopping cart with just one click.

You will find with us:

braking kits

In case of rubbing noises and squeaking while driving or when the wear indicator lights up, it is time for a brake service. A faulty brake is a great danger for you and other road users. We offer you the right braking kit for your brake system to quickly restore the safety of your vehicle. We distinguish between two types of service, the complete replacement of brake discs with brake linings (including warning contact) or only the replacement of brake linings with warning contact cable. It must always be replaced for one axle (left and right) so that the brakes engage simultaneously during braking. Our packages are therefore always complete for front and/or rear axle.

Brake disc change

Brake discs must be replaced when the marked wear limit has been reached. Uneven wear and deep grooves also make a change necessary. When changing the brake discs, brake linings should always be replaced. Otherwise, uneven wear or noise may occur. Here we offer complete brake kits for the front and/or rear axle.

Change brake pads

Brake linings must be replaced as soon as they have reached insufficient strength or in the case of rubbing and grinding noises. It is not always absolutely necessary to change the brake discs, but a check should also be carried out on occasion. We offer you suitable brake pads mostly with warning contact cable as a set for the front and rear axle. The warning contact cable (for electronic warning) is not installed in all vehicles. Sometimes the warning only works via an audible warning (high squeaking sound due to the vibration of a metal plate on the back of the brake pad).

Quality of our brake kits

To ensure the quality of our brake kits, we rely 100% on well-known manufacturers for your safety. The following brands are in the foreground:

to our brake sets

Inspection sets

A car needs care and maintenance, and not only from the outside or on the surface. Maintenance from the inside through inspections is carried out at regular intervals on your vehicle in various volumes. The service intervals of the manufacturers are very different. Usually once a year or after a certain number of kilometres.

In the case of more modern cars, information about upcoming inspections is output by the on-board computer; alternatively, this can also be done, for example, via the service booklet. We have oriented ourselves to these inspections and services and have compiled our individual inspection sets in different versions for you. Our inspection sets are oriented towards small and large inspection and thus offer the perfect preparation for your next service visit. You will find on our site:

  • 2-piece inspection sets consisting of cabin air filter and air filter
  • 3-piece inspection sets of interior, air and oil filters
  • 4-piece inspection sets consisting of cabin, air, oil and fuel filters

Depending on availability, we also have inspection sets with the appropriate quantity of engine oil for the replacement of the oil filter (measured by the filling quantity of the vehicle).

Why is it so important to change these four filters?

The air filter is located in the engine compartment and filters dirt particles from the air before they reach the combustion chambers of the engine and could damage the engine. Over time, so many particles of dirt accumulate in the air filter that it no longer lets through enough air that the engine needs for optimum combustion. The result is increased fuel consumption.

The interior filter must be changed at regular intervals, primarily for health reasons and for comfort in the interior. The cabin air filter filters pollen, dust and soot from the air before they enter the passenger compartment via the ventilation or air conditioning system. Activated carbon filters in particular, a special form of cabin air filters, can also filter out odours and harmful exhaust gases.

The oil filter is responsible for cleaning the engine oil. This means that the filter plays a decisive role in the performance and service life of an engine. Dirty engine oil increases engine wear. The oil filter cannot absorb an infinite amount of dirt and must therefore be changed regularly.

The fuel filter also has the task of keeping dirt particles away from the engine circuit. As the name suggests, the fuel is filtered through this filter and serves to protect the engine. The replacement intervals also depend on the mileage and the service intervals of the manufacturers.

Oil change sets

In addition to the inspection sets mentioned above, we also have oil change sets in our range. They include the required amount of oil, depending on the vehicle filling quantity, the oil filter and, if available, the oil drain plug with seal. The oil drain plug can of course be reused. Often, however, this falls into the collecting container for the dirty engine oil and selecting it is cumbersome and dirty.

In addition to our classic engine oil change kits we also offer oil change kits for the transmission. Our transmission oil change kits include the transmission filter with the required amount of transmission oil, individually assembled for each vehicle and engine. The change is not necessary as often as with the engine oil, but should also take place between 5 and 8 years. The gear oil protects the gear against wear. The transmission oil filter is responsible for cleaning the transmission oil, similar to the engine oil filter.

Why does an oil change kit contain more oil than required?

For example, if the filling quantity of a vehicle is 4.2 litres of engine oil, our set contains 5 litres. Internal combustion engines consume engine oil during operation. With the additional oil, this consumption can be gradually filled up and thus compensated until the next complete oil change. You can check the oil level with the oil dipstick in the engine compartment or via the on-board computer.

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Steering and Suspension Packages

The most important function for the safety of your vehicle, apart from the brakes, is steering. This allows you to avoid dangerous situations precisely and quickly if it is already too late for braking. This requires exact interaction of the individual components. We meet this requirement with our steering and suspension packages. We offer high quality and compatible spare parts in one package.

Defective or worn steering parts are a serious safety risk, so it is important to check them regularly and replace them as quickly as possible if necessary. Wear and load on the steering parts act equally on the driver and front passenger side, so the entire axle should always be replaced. Our sets are composed for the entire front and rear axle respectively, so that you always have the same quality left and right.

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Our windscreen wiper packages

We have put together our window wiper packages for you to have a clear view while driving. Although the front wipers are in use more often than the rear wiper, it makes sense to change the front and rear wipers at the same time. The wiping performance is also influenced by external circumstances. The change between hot and cold puts additional stress on the wiper rubbers. In winter, the occasional "scrubbing" over the ice and road salt is added. With our wiper packs you have the right wiper for front and rear with one click and are perfectly equipped.

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WS product packages for an optimal price-performance ratio

It is not always possible or sensible to put together purely branded product packages. This may be due to the fact that not all items for the product package are offered or available from one manufacturer. Likewise, it is possible that the price in procurement is so high that the package becomes unattractive for you. In addition, we would like to offer you price-conscious alternatives that nevertheless always meet the manufacturers' requirements. Therefore, under the label "WS Product Package", we have put together high-quality spare parts and branded articles from several well-known manufacturers in one package for you. For this purpose, our experts select products that are perfectly matched to each other and meet the highest quality standards. In this way, you receive precisely fitting product packages, tailored to your vehicle, at a fair price.

Thus, our WS product packages bring you the following advantages:

  • All required products are selectable with one click
  • You have the assurance that the products fit your vehicle
  • You save time picking out the items
  • You can be sure that the products are perfectly compatible with each other
  • You receive individually and expertly compiled product packages that meet the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers
  • You get the product packages at good prices, which are cheaper than your specialist workshop would charge you
WS product packages Logo

Thus, you can confidently use these product packages and save not only time but also money.

WS product packages can be found mainly in the following categories:

  • Filter sets
  • Inspection packages
  • Timing belt sets
  • Brake sets

To make our WS product packages easier to identify, we have given them their own logo of the same name, which you can also filter by in the respective categories under "Manufacturer".

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With us into the future...

Our range of repair and inspection solutions is constantly being refined and expanded. We are responding to changes in the automotive and spare parts industry in order to be able to offer you individual and perfectly coordinated package solutions in the future as well. Benefit sustainably from our experience and care. For further questions about our spare parts sets please contact our customer service.