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The oil drain plug N90813202 for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda

Our screw plugs for the OE number N90813202 are made of metal and are delivered directly with the gasket. They fit almost all vehicles of the VW group of the last 20 years. You can find the exact vehicle types directly in the vehicle table on the article detail page. Your measurements are: M14x1,5 and have a length of 18mm. These are original equipment goods, as these drain plugs are the same as those used by VW in the factory for car production.

Oil drain plug for OE number N90813202 in detailed view

The oil drain plug, also known as screw plug, is located at the lowest point of the oil pan. It seals the drain opening and is only opened when the engine oil needs to be changed. Draining the engine oil is the more sensible option instead of pumping the used oil through the filler neck. Because only complete draining downwards ensures that the accumulated residues are also removed.

If you want to change the oil yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Warm up the vehicle before changing the oil so that the oil can flow out better
  • Caution that the oil drain plug does not fall into the drip tray
  • Do not reuse the gasket, ideally also change the screw at the same time
  • Espect the correct size for the new screw plug
  • When fixing the drain plug make sure that it does not jam and that it is tightened to the correct torque, otherwise it may leak

If an oil drain plug is screwed in and out too often, it can wear out too much and thus no longer provide sufficient support. The result would be oil loss and too little pressure in the oil system. Since the screw plugs are not expensive, it is advisable to replace them directly when changing the oil instead of just changing the sealing ring.

What are the advantages of our oil drain plugs for OE number N90813202?

Oil drain plug for OE number N90813202, 25 pieces

Our oil drain plugs for the OE number N90813202 are characterized by a high accuracy of fit. They are made of high-quality steel and are quality-tested. In addition, our screw plugs completely meet the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers.

We offer the oil drain plugs for N90813202 in two packing units. One as single piece and the other as attractive set with 25 pieces. Save money in comparison to the original VW screw plugs and benefit from our really low package price!