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The accelerator pedal sensor for Opel OE numbers 848008 / 9193186

Accelerator pedal sensor for Opel OE numbers 848008 / 9193186

The accelerator pedal sensor is an important component for regulating speed. It is also often referred to as an accelerator pedal sensor or pedal value transmitter. Its function is simply explained: The engine control unit receives information from the accelerator pedal sensor about the position of the accelerator pedal and can directly implement the driver's load request. Modern engine control units also take into account what the engine can do at that moment and, if necessary, reduce the delivered power. This can be done, for example, when the ECO mode is set. In this case the full power is not called up even when the accelerator pedal is fully depressed.

Since electronics are not free of errors, malfunctions can also occur with the pedal value transmitter. These are manifested, for example, by the fact that the engine only indicates increased idling speed or that the vehicle does not react to the accelerator pedal movement at all or only reacts with a delay. A defective accelerator pedal sensor is also indicated when the engine control lamp on the dashboard lights up. If one of the listed faults occurs, it is advisable to go to a workshop immediately.

The causes for which an accelerator pedal sensor can break include the following:

  • Lines or connections on the accelerometer sensor may be damaged
  • Inadequate power supply
  • Electronics for evaluation in the sensor defective

The actual cause can be found in a specialist workshop with visual inspections and the corresponding readers.

What is special about the accelerator pedal sensor for the OE numbers 848008 / 9193186

Accelerator pedal sensor for Opel OE numbers 848008 / 9193186 with box

Our gas pedal sensor for the OE numbers 848008 / 9193186 is the original Opel part, but without the Opel branding. The pedal value transmitter for the Astra G/H is therefore shipped in a neutral box. For this reason, we can offer this accelerator pedal sensor at a lower price than the branded original part and the alternative parts from Hella and Co. Although we do not use the Opel branding, we do not use the original quality. Our gas pedal sensor for the OE numbers 848008 / 9193186 has exactly the same quality as the branded original Opel pedal value sensor and meets all performance requirements. With the original part, you can be sure it fits 100% and has a long life. If you have any further questions about the accelerator pedal sensor, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.