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What is so special about Bilstein shock absorbers?

Bilstein has many years of know-how in the field of shock absorbers. The products are used by many vehicle manufacturers as original equipment and in addition Bilstein shock absorbers are indispensable in motor sports. Bilstein continues to develop its technology so that the company now sets the highest standards in the field.

What are the advantages of Bilstein shock absorbers for Porsche vehicles?

  • Over 60 years Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Over 50 years experience in racing
  • Every product tested in road test
  • High service life
  • Constant performance even at higher mileage

The Bilstein shock absorbers deliver optimum performance even under poor road conditions, under different load conditions, when driving with a trailer, when driving in a sporty manner or in racing. In addition, the products are designed to be less susceptible to environmental influences. This reduces wear and tear and the Bilstein dampers do not wear as much.

Assortment of Bilstein shock absorbers with packaging

Even at high temperatures the Bilstein dampers still deliver the same performance because the oil in the shock absorber is not foamed. They offer reliable damping force and suspension with sufficient reserve in every driving situation. To ensure that this remains the case, all products are extensively tested in driving trials. Bilstein shock absorbers are therefore used in different vehicles, in different driving situations and on different test tracks and are tested for the most accurate results.

Why are Bilstein shock absorbers particularly suitable for Porsche vehicles?

Bilstein shock absorbers are especially suitable for Porsche as well as other vehicles. Bilstein has adapted to the various requirements of Porsche vehicles and offers shock absorbers for the following chassis systems:

  • Standard undercarriage (mainly for daily road use)
  • PASM (active damper system) / electric damper regulation (for normal road use and race track or dynamic driving)
  • Sport chassis
  • For vehicles with PSM (Porsche Stabilisation Management)
Assortment of Bilstein shock absorbers for Porsche

Among other things, Porsche uses an active suspension system and is continuously developing it further. The Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) is an active damper system that automatically adapts each wheel individually to the respective driving situation. The PASM combines two suspensions in one: one comfortable for long distances and one sporty on the race track. With the PASM, the normal setting is geared towards comfort. The longer you drive your Porsche on a long track, the more comfortable the Bilstein dampers become. They reduce smaller to medium bumps on the road.

However, the PASM system can switch to sports mode at lightning speed as soon as the driving style becomes more dynamic or dynamic changes occur. This includes, for example, fast steering movements or sudden evasive manoeuvres. In such situations, the damping force is increased. This prevents the vehicle from swinging up. Porsche likes to use Bilstein shock absorbers for this technology. This makes it easier to control a Porsche even in extreme situations.

Bilstein shock absorbers are also perfectly suited for all Porsche cars that drive without an electric damper system. Bilstein has also developed shock absorbers with adjustable systems. The compression and rebound damping can be adjusted by the driver himself, according to his driving style and the track.

With Bilstein shock absorbers, maximum driving comfort is guaranteed in every Porsche for every driving situation. In our assortment you will find Bilstein shock absorbers for every Porsche suspension system. Rely on quality and convince yourself of the optimal performance of Bilstein shock absorbers in your Porsche. Test them for yourself and enjoy every ride in every weather and on every route. If you have any further questions about Bilstein shock absorbers, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.