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Moisture in the car? 6 tips that really help

As soon as it's cool and wet outside, we struggle with car windows fogging up from the inside. The main reason for this is the accumulated moisture in the car, which can form in winter. Misted windows, however, not only obstruct visibility, but can also additionally freeze from the inside in cold temperatures. Scraping the interior free is particularly annoying and time-consuming. Furthermore, the moisture in the car promotes odor and mold growth, which can be harmful to health and contribute to impaired concentration.

Whether there is already moisture in the car or just to prevent fogged windows, we have compiled the following helpful and easy-to-implement tips for you. You can easily adopt and implement these in the vehicle care:

  1. Tight vehicle
  2. Free drain channels
  3. Use air conditioner
  4. Use rubber mats
  5. Wet clothes in the trunk
  6. Combat existing moisture in the car
Fogged windows in cold and wet weather due to too much moisture in the car

Tip 1: Is the vehicle tight?

Damaged and/or porous seals can allow moisture to enter your vehicle very easily. Therefore, check the seals on the doors for damage and maintain them with rubber care products. In addition, also check that the windows close completely and don't forget the skylight if one is present.

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Tip 2: Are the drainage channels free?

Leaves and dirt clog the water drains, so water can enter the ventilation system and the interior via the cable ducts. In addition to the drain channel below the windshield, the drains on panoramic roof windows and in the doors are also possibilities for moisture entering. Therefore, keep the drainage channels clean and regularly replace the interior filter. This will prevent moisture and mold growth on the filter.

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Tip 3: Do you use the air conditioning and ventilation?

Not only in summer should you use the air conditioning. Even in winter, the air conditioner helps to remove moisture from the car and thus prevent fogged windows.

Tip 4: Do you use fabric mats or rubber mats?

Snow and wet shoes carry moisture into the vehicle, which is absorbed by fabric mats. Rubber mats, on the other hand, repel dirt and water. Additionally, they are easier to clean, making them the appropriate companion during the cool and wet seasons. Nevertheless, it is best to tap them well before getting into your car to avoid carrying most of the dirt and snow into the car.

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Tip 5: Do you put your wet clothes in the trunk?

Did you get a rain shower while walking, hiking or running and got really wet? Then put the wet jacket best in the trunk. Damp clothes provide high humidity in the car and the moisture is absorbed by the upholstery. However, these dry only slowly and release moisture into the interior, even more so when the heater is turned on.
The result: fogged windows.

Tip 6: Do you already have moisture in the car?

Wet clothes bring moisture into the car

If you are already struggling with fogged windows, it is important, in addition to preventive measures, to get the moisture out of the car first. For this, the vehicle should be in a dry place and well ventilated. In addition, so-called dehumidifiers. They absorb the moisture in the car and thus prevent fogged windows. The advantage of the special dehumidifiers is that they can be reused. The bags can be dried over the heater or in a microwave and can be used for up to 4 months. In addition, by the "dry lay" also musty and bad smells from the car can be pulled.

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With these tips you get the moisture in the car quickly under control and thus always have a dry interior and no more trouble with fogged windows. Test it yourself!