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The Febi fitting screw 100726 for the rocker shaft corresponds to VAG No. 038103714A

Fitting bolts are special bolts, which usually have a hexagonal head and are made of steel. They can be used in a wide range of applications. In this case the Febi fitting bolt 100726 for VAG no. 038103714A is used to adjust the valve clearance at the rocker shaft of the vehicle.

What is a valve clearance?

There are different temperatures in the motor depending on the environment and the running time. In order for the valves to close completely at any operating temperature, it is important that there is always a little play between the valves and rocker arms. The reason for this is that both elements are made of different materials and expand differently when exposed to heat. However, it is very important that the valve clearance is not too large and not too small. If the clearance at the rocker arm shaft is too large, the valve will open too late, possibly not far enough and close earlier than intended. A typical symptom of valve clearance that is too large is rattling noises in the valves that remind one a little of a sewing machine. Due to the too large clearance to the rocker arm, too little mixture flows into the combustion chamber and thus power is lost.

Carton with 8x Febi fitting screws 100726 for VAG No. 038103714A

If the valve clearance is too small, the materials cannot expand and deform far enough when exposed to heat. As a result, the valve no longer closes properly and part of the combustion pressure is lost, which has a direct effect on performance. Also, due to the insufficient clearance between the valve and the rocker arm, the heat cannot escape enough to burn the materials and cause engine damage.

What is special about the Febi fitting screw 100726 for VAG No. 038103714A?

The connections between valves and rocker arms are the fitting bolts. The valve clearance is adjusted on them. How large the distance must be varies from vehicle to vehicle. Your trusted workshop can give you more detailed information here. If you know the value, you can tighten the screws yourself if necessary with the correct tool.

The high loads also place high demands on the screws used in the rocker arm shaft. They must have the following properties:

  • Resist high pressure
  • Can withstand large differences in temperature
  • Do not deform at high temperatures
  • consist of durable material
  • Friction must not wear out excessively

Therefore it is advisable to attach importance to quality here. The Febi fitting screw 100726 for the VAG No. 038103714A has original equipment quality. It is just as good as the original VW fitting screw, but much cheaper available from us. You can get the Febi fitting screw 100726 for VAG no. 038103714A from us as set with 8 pieces. If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer service.