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New in the range: Hella starters and alternators

We have expanded our range and now offer from the company Hella starters and alternators for almost all vehicle brands and vehicle models common in Europe. The family-run company Hella is one of the top 100 automotive suppliers worldwide and has with the highest quality standards for itself, its employees and the products to be manufactured. They specialize in lighting technology and electronics for vehicles of all kinds and are constantly developing their products based on the latest technologies. In addition, innovations, sustainability, striving for improvements and a fair pricing policy are important points of their corporate philosophy. For these reasons, we offer products from Hella in our store.

Why did we choose Hella starters and alternators?
How to find the right Hella starter or alternator?

Why did we choose Hella starters and alternators?

In addition to the high model coverage, following reasons have led us to include Hella starters and alternators in our range:

  • All Hella starters and alternators purchased from October 2017 have a 3-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Both components are offered by Hella free of deposit and are also marked as such
  • The quality of Hella starters and alternators corresponds to the original parts quality
  • Long service life due to the use of high-quality materials and precise workmanship
  • Hella starters are also available with start-stop function

The extension of the manufacturer's warranty to 3 years alone shows how strongly Hella is convinced of the quality of its products. Here, their internal zero-defect strategy also plays an important role in being able to guarantee the high standards.

How to find the right Hella starter or alternator?

Starters and alternators vary per vehicle, so it is important that you find the right parts for your car.

  1. The following points are relevant for the starter motor:
    • Number of mounting holes: it varies between 2-4
    • Version of the direction of rotation: clockwise or counterclockwise
    • Pinion home position: specified in mm
    • Number of pinion teeth: 9-13
    • Power: specification in kW

    Click here for Hella starters

  2. The alternators are about the attributes:
    • Charging current: in amperes (A)
    • Charging voltage: 14 – 28 V
    • Diameter of the pulley: in mm
    • Number of ribs: 1-12
    • Design: differentiated into V-ribbed pulley, overrunning pulley and multiple pulley, without pulley

    Click here for Hella alternators

The easiest way is to select your vehicle in the upper section of our store. Then you will see the products that only fit your vehicle and you can use the search, the manufacturer filter and the category navigation to further narrow down the search results. If you need help finding the right Hella Starter or Alternator, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Click here for the Hella range