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Metzger brake hose for VAG-OE number 1K0611763E

Metzger brake hose for VAG-OE number 1K0611763E in single view

The Metzger brake line for OE number 1K0611763E transmits the hydraulic pressure to the wheel brakes by means of the brake fluid. A distinction is generally made between brake lines and brake hose lines. The former are rigid pipes. Brake lines such as those from Metzger, on the other hand, are more flexible than brake lines and are therefore easier to install. They often consist of two rubber layers with a multilayer fabric layer in between. The brake hoses run from them to the wheels.

The main task of the Metzger brake line for the OE number 1K0611763E is to transfer the brake pressure to the wheel brake loss-free and without delay. If the brake lines no longer function properly, the entire brake system is impaired.

How can you tell when brake lines need to be replaced?

Over time, brake lines can become porous or damaged by other factors, such as road salt or marten bites. Weather conditions and excessive, recurring pressure pulses also intensify the wear process of brake lines. However, regular inspection and, if necessary, replacement of the brake lines can ensure that no fluid enters the circuit and that the full braking effect can always be achieved.

The inspection is generally carried out by the workshops during each inspection. However, if you have the impression between maintenance intervals that the braking distance is longer with the same pressure on the brake pedal and/or that you are losing brake fluid, it is advisable to visit a workshop as soon as possible. The brake pedal may also behave differently than usual:

  1. Stretch on the brake pedal and you have no or very little resistance, which means that there is not enough pressure on the brake lines.
  2. On the other hand, if you step on the pedal and hardly get it moved, it is usually an indication that the brake booster is defective.

The flashing of the brake indicator light or the information of sinking brake fluid from the on-board computer also indicate a defect in the brake system. If your vehicle does not have an on-board computer, simply check the level of the compensating reservoir for the brake fluid. If it is too low or the level decreases too quickly, the brake lines are likely to leak.

Who should replace brake lines and what should I pay attention to when buying?

Metzger brake hose for VAG-OE number 1K0611763E in double pack

The installation can be done by yourself with some experience in car repairs, even if it is a bit fiddly and time-consuming. However, if you are unsure, we recommend that you have your car installed by a specialist so that it is always safe to drive and the next TÜV test is successfully passed.

When changing the brake lines, it makes sense to pay attention to quality. In doing so, high-quality branded goods can also be used without hesitation. For the VAG-OE number 1K0611763E there are only a few suppliers of brake lines in the aftermarket sector. One of them is Metzger. The advantage of alternative products in addition to the lower price is that you do not have to make any compromises in fitting accuracy or quality, as would be the case with cheap products.

We from WS-Autoteile carry the Metzger brake lines for the OE number 1K0611763E as single piece or also directly in double pack. So you save twice. Get your hands on it now! In this context, also think of the corresponding brake fluid, which must be refilled as part of a brake line change. For further questions about the Metzger brake line or other products, please feel free to contact our customer service at any time.