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Retrofit Armster center armrests from Rati

Retrofitting center armrests is quick and easy. Above all, frequent drivers love the comfort of a center armrest. But also every other motorist who repeatedly takes on long driving distances is grateful if he can support his arm. But the factory elbow rests are usually very uncomfortable and not well positioned. Therefore, it is not surprising that many retrofit a proper center armrest. In addition, center armrests offer other functions besides support, such as a storage compartment. One popular product is the Armster armrests from Rati. The Hungarian manufacturer designs and produces the Armster armrests in-house, observing the OEM guidelines of the vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, the products are also constantly being developed further. For this reason, there are currently the following product lines in the Armster center armrests for retrofitting:

  1. Armster S
  2. Armster 2
  3. Armster OE1
To the Armster center armrest range

1. Armster S center armrests are the basic armrests from Rati. They have a padded support surface and contain a spacious storage compartment. The Armster S armrest can be conveniently folded upright between the seats when not in use. This Armster center armrest has a load capacity of up to 80kg. It is mounted between the seats below behind the handbrake.

2. Armster 2 armrests are the extension of the Armster S. They are also mounted between the seats below behind the handbrake. The Armster 2 are height adjustable in 4 steps and include a coin and pen holder and a shopping cart chip. Additionally, the Armster 2 has an opening for a small separate pocket that must be purchased separately. In this pocket you could store your smartphone or wallet. This pocket can be removed from the armrest and attached to the belt, for example, for on the road. In addition, a cigarette lighter is included for some vehicles.

3. Armster OE1 center armrests are the latest development of Rati and are installed as OEM goods on request directly from the factory. These armrests are mounted directly on the seat and can also be infinitely height adjustable. The integrated storage compartment holds 1l volume and has equal still a coin compartment, a shopping cart chip and a pen holder integrated. For some vehicle types, the Armster OE1 armrest is also available with a USB charging station. The load capacity of this armrest is 50 kg.

Armster S armrest
Armster 2 armrest
Armster OE1 armrest

What are the advantages of Armster armrests?

Basically, all Armster armrests are adapted to the specific specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. This takes into account exactly the position of the seat, the steering wheel and the gearshift. Thus, each Armster center armrest is individually adapted to each vehicle and thus offers maximum comfort.When selecting an Armster center armrest, it is therefore important to ensure that it is also suitable for the desired vehicle. This can be achieved most quickly by entering the vehicle. Then only suitable products will be displayed.

In addition, the load capacity of the center armrests is always controlled by tested long-term tests. Who want to retrofit a center armrest, should consider the Armster armrests from Rati. Unlike the original center armrests of the vehicle manufacturer can convince the Armster armrests not only with a lower price, but also with a simpler and faster assembly. This can usually even be done independently at home.

To the Armster center armrest range