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What makes Sebro brake discs so special?

Since its foundation in 1974, Sebro has focused on the production of brake discs and drums. The production includes series production, small series for vintage cars and the tuning sector, as well as special custom-made products. Sebro's own claim is "100% Made in Germany".

Sebro's expertise in the manufacture of brake discs is clearly defined:

  1. The production process
  2. The refinement
  3. The material
  4. The quality

1. The production process of Sebro brake discs

Perforating and slitting are particularly important production steps for Sebro brake discs. Many of the machines used are self-developed to meet the extremely high precision requirements. Exact work has a decisive effect on the functionality and service life of Sebro brake discs.

Assortment of Sebro brake discs with packaging

Another important step in the production of brake discs and flywheels is balancing. Especially for sports cars and racing engines like Porsche's, it is important that the parts have a low unbalance in order to function precisely. In addition, perforated and slotted Sebro brake discs can be identified by a cross section on the friction surfaces. This characteristic ensures significantly better braking performance. A special feature of the Sebro brake discs is the marking of the brake discs. Every Sebro brake disc is marked by an embossing on the cup or on the outside diameter with a part number, order number and the indication of the wear limit. The order number can then be used to trace the part back to the material batch used.

2. The refinement of Sebro brake discs

To protect against corrosion, the Sebro brake discs are painted, for example, on the pot and on the outside diameter area. The coating is applied by machine to ensure high quality and a constant layer thickness. Some Sebro products are additionally heat treated. One example is the flywheel for Porsche sports cars. For example, the starter teeth are hardened to increase wear resistance.

3. The material of the Sebro brake discs

Sebro works with the material according to the motto: "Only the best material guarantees the best performance". Through decades of experience, Sebro has gathered a great deal of knowledge in the selection of materials and knows the optimum materials for the individual components. The blanks of the Sebro brake discs are mainly made of grey cast iron. Sebro aims to optimise performance by combining the individual chemical elements in the best possible way. In the process, care is taken to always achieve the best functionality with the lowest possible wear. As a result, Sebro brake discs are used as original equipment by many manufacturers, such as many Porsche brakes.

4. The quality of Sebro brake discs

In order to meet the quality requirements, Sebro has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Rheinland. It is important for Sebro to produce with the highest quality and under the best conditions. For this reason, measuring protocols are drawn up for all products and final inspections are carried out. All Sebro brake discs are specially marked so that all measurement protocols, factory certificates and the raw material batch used can be traced back.

Why are Sebro brake discs particularly suitable for Porsche brakes?

Assortment of Sebro brake discs for Porsche

Sebro offers an extensive series program for Porsche brakes. This ranges from the first 911 to the current Panamera models. Therefore Sebro can also be regarded as the specialist for Porsche brakes. Approximately 70% of all Porsche cars ever built are still on the road today. This is of course also due to the Porsche brakes, as they offer uncompromising safety and optimum braking performance. This combination ensures extreme driving pleasure, comparable to motorsport.

The company Sebro, which is the manufacturer of many original spare parts for various Porsche models, also has a large share in the Porsche brakes. Sebro with its brake discs is also the No. 1 choice for classic cars in particular. Often there are no original Porsche spare parts left and Sebro manufactures spare parts according to the latest and highest standards, which are subsequently of higher quality than the original parts used in the original. More and more workshops specialising in Porsche are therefore relying on Sebro products, especially in the area of Porsche brakes.

The following arguments speak in favour of Sebro brake discs as spare parts for Porsche brakes:

  • 40 years of production experience
  • Manufacturer of original spare parts for various Porsche models
  • Made in Germany - Production according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Top quality at attractive prices
  • Brakes also for Porsche classic cars in the assortment

Sebro Motorsport brake discs are also used in various racing series such as the Porsche GT3 Cup, 924 GTR, 935, 908 or 911RSR. Sebro brake discs are increasingly being used for Porsche motorsport brakes and once again demonstrate the fulfilment of the high demands of maximum safety and performance, even in the performance limits.

We at W+S Autoteile trust in the quality and the performance promise of Sebro. Therefore we offer the Sebro brake discs particularly gladly as spare part for Porsche brakes. In combination with Textar brake linings they form the perfect brake for your Porsche. Textar brake pads have also been used successfully for decades in a wide variety of Porsche models.