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Valeo actuator for Opel Vectra C mixing flap

Valeo control valve mixing valve 515126 Opel Vectra C with cardboard box

The control element for the mixing damper for the Opel Vectra C ensures that you can heat permanently in winter and supply the interior with fresh air permanently in summer. Due to constant use, the control motor for the recirculation damper, as the spare part is also called, wears down within a manageable period of time and must therefore be replaced regularly.

How do you know that the mixing valve actuator for the Opel Vectra C is broken?

A clear sign of a defective actuator for the recirculation damper is when it is no longer possible to switch from cold air to warm air and vice versa. The defect can also cause windscreens to fog up and freeze more frequently in winter. In addition, the on-board electronics in most vehicles also report a corresponding error message.

But even loud rattling behind the glove compartment can mean that the teeth of the plastic gears have broken off the gearbox and the lever of the control element for the mixing flap rattles over the end position. Even then it is necessary to replace the actuator motor for the recirculation damper, as there are no individual spare parts for this, but the part can only be replaced as a unit.

What has to be considered when changing an adjusting element for the mixing flap?

Valeo actuator mixing valve 515126 Opel Vectra C large view

In the Opel Vectra C, the actuator for the recirculation flap is installed behind the glove compartment. This makes it difficult to reach and therefore the installation of the spare part is very fiddly and time-consuming. For this reason, it is advantageous to have the installation carried out by a specialist. In addition, the fault memory must be deleted from the on-board computer after installation. This, too, can generally only be carried out in a specialist workshop.

It is also advisable to use branded goods. For example, the VALEO mixing valve actuator for the Opel Vectra C, which is part of the Opel original equipment range. The advantage of branded goods is that the actuator for the recirculation damper is particularly durable and also has a high accuracy of fit. In addition, the branded product is significantly cheaper than the original part with the GM inscription. If you have any further questions about the actuator for the mixing valve, please contact our Customer Service.