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What is the Valeo parking aid beep&park Kit 3 (item no. 632202) and what is its function?

Valeo Beep & Park Kit Parking aid with 8 sensors and LCD display for front and rear with cardboard box

The Valeo parking aid beep&park with LCD display is a parking assistant based on ultrasound. Basically, these are systems designed to facilitate parking. Valeo's Front and Rear Parking Assist displays the distance to the obstacle both acoustically and visually. To do this, 4 sensors are attached to the front and rear bumpers. The parking sensors measure the distance and emit acoustic warning signals, which increase in intensity the closer you get to the obstacle. Visually, the distance can be followed via an LCD display, on which the distance is made clear via a colour system. The Valeo parking aid can detect obstacles between 10 and 170 cm in front of and behind the vehicle. Below you will find a more detailed description of the individual components of the parking aid and the advantages it has for you.

What does the Valeo parking aid beep&park Kit 3 (article no. 632202) consist of?

The Valeo parking aid beep&park Kit 3 includes the following components:

  • 8 parking sensors
  • 1 Control unit
  • 1 LCD display
  • 2 wiring harnesses
  • fastening material

Of the 8 parking sensors, 4 are used for the front bumper and 4 for the rear bumper. They are paintable and can therefore be adapted to the colour of your bumpers. The parking sensors are supplied with angle adjustment rings in grades 0, 4 and 10. These are designed to compensate if the bumpers are too low or tapered up or down. Rubber rings are also supplied for better attachment of the front and rear parking aid. These are available in black, white and transparent. With the sensors it depends above all on the correct assembly: They should protrude exactly vertically. This way they can deliver the best results and are most insensitive to weather influences. It is advisable to have the installation of the parking assistant carried out by a specialist to avoid malfunctions or faulty measurements.

The control unit of the Valeo parking aid beep&park Kit 3 is suitable for front and rear mounting. It contains a radio muting function and has an integrated automatic diagnostic function. This will inform you if sensors are defective or badly fastened. The control unit is connected to the parking sensors via the supplied cable harnesses and must then be programmed accordingly. The LCD display of the parking assistant has a loudspeaker with adjustable volume. It transmits the position to the obstacle with 3 different alarm levels. Muting is also possible here.

Valeo Beep & Park Kit Parking aid with 8 sensors and LCD display for front and rear 632202

How does the Valeo parking aid beep&park Kit 3 (item no. 632202) work and what are the advantages?

The parking assistant is activated as soon as reverse gear is engaged. The front parking sensors are active for approx. 30 seconds when the car is started and then again for 8-10 seconds each time the brake pedal is released. The Valeo parking aid beep&park Kit 3 is suitable for vehicles with a length of up to 5m. Longer vehicles still need the 6m extension cable.

The Valeo parking aid beep&park Kit 3 is basically compatible with the trailer hitch, frontal protection system and pulsed rear light signal. It reduces the risk of accidents and provides an improved view of the road. In addition, it avoids expensive repairs of accidents during parking and retrieval. In addition, this parking assistant is designed in such a way that water droplets can drain better from the sensors and thus provide optimum measurements even in heavy rain. Valeo's front and rear parking aid is not only functional but also very affordable. The Valeo parking aid beep&park Kit 3 is available directly from us. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for further questions about the Valeo parking aid.