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Zimmermann - Braking with safety

Otto Zimmermann GmbH has been developing, producing and selling sophisticated brake components for over 50 years. The company manufactures its products on modern production lines using computer-controlled robots and drilling machines. This enables a consistently high quality standard that complies with the specified criteria of the automotive industry. When changing brakes, you can therefore rely on Zimmermann brakes. The Production program of Zimmermann includes more than 3,000 different brake parts, which we have completely included in our assortment. The following product groups are manufactured by the manufacturer:

  • brake discs
  • Brake drums
  • brake pads
  • brake shoes
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Zimmermann brake discs and brake drums

The manufacturer Zimmermann is very aware of its responsibility in the production of safety-relevant parts such as brake discs and brake drums. Product quality is our top priority. For this reason Zimmermann offers under the seal "Coat Z - Anti-Corrosion" almost the complete range as "anti-rust"-coated variant. In addition, this series convinces with a more attractive appearance of the brake parts.

Zimmermann sport brake discs

In addition to the standard Zimmermann brake discs, there is another sporty variant: the Zimmermann "Sport Z" and "Black Z" sports brake discs. The sports brake discs are brake discs that have been machined on the brake surface. The grooved brake discs (Black Z)and drilled sport brake discs (Sport Z)are used for sporty driving. The quality is the same for both variants, the design is mainly a question of appearance. The advantages of the sport brake discs are:

  • a shorter braking distance in the wet compared to standard brake discs
  • a better response of the brake discs
  • a sportier look

In addition, the brake dust and water are permanently removed. The sports brake discs were further developed on the basis of experience from motor sports and series vehicle production.

Fusion Z brake discs

Zimmermann is constantly responding to developments in the automotive industry. The Fusion Z brake disc series is therefore a composite brake disc. The braking performance is improved by a lower unsprung mass. The main advantages are weight reduction and lower CO2 emissions. Zimmermann distinguishes between 3 product lines:

  • Formula Z
  • Formula F
  • Formula S

Formula Z Bremsscheiben

With the Zimmermann Formula Z brake disc, the brake cup and the friction ring are floating. The floating bearing ensures free radial expansion of the brake disc, even under heavy loads. This avoids shielding and also increases resistance to cracks in heat. The Formula Z brake disc can prevent selective overheating due to its optimum ventilation. In addition, the friction ring cannot warp at high temperatures - so the disc provides excellent deceleration values even under high loads.

Formula F Bremsscheiben

The Formula F brake discs are the reaction to the riveted composite brake discs introduced by BMW. They offer an inexpensive and high-quality alternative to the original BMW brake discs, which is adapted to the "original". The brake cup and the friction ring are positively riveted and better heat conduction is made possible by high-carbon casting. Formula F brake discs reduce weight by 15% and thus reduce CO2 emissions (environmental protection).

Formula S Bremsscheiben

The Formula S brake discs are composite brake discs with steel cup and Zimmermann's answer to Mercedes' patented standard brake discs. The improved properties of these brake discs are the same as those of the above Formula brake discs. The steel pot is connected to the friction ring by a special technique. Zimmermann has been offering this proprietary solution since the beginning of 2018 in order to be able to offer an inexpensive and high-quality alternative.

The Zimmermann brake pads

In addition to brake discs and brake drums, Zimmermann also offers brake pads. This enables the manufacturer to change brakes with complete brake packages. With its range of brake pads, the manufacturer covers the majority of current vehicle models. Zimmermann brake pads are known for their long service life and good braking comfort. For brake linings, as with the other brake components, the highest quality is essential. This is achieved by the different composition of the raw materials (up to 25 different), adapted to the characteristics and the special requirements of the individual vehicle models.

Brake change

Brakes are probably one of the most important components of a vehicle, if not the most important when it comes to safety. When changing the brakes, nothing should be left to chance. If the brake discs are worn or defective, they must be replaced together with the corresponding brake pads. Take everything from one source and put your money on Zimmermann brake discs and brake pads. These are coordinated and of the highest quality. In our Zimmermann full range you are guaranteed to find the right parts for your next brake change.

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