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Is it allowed to bring the spare parts to the workshop by yourself?

More and more customers are asking themselves whether they can bring spare parts to the workshop themselves. There is no clear answer to this yet. Each workshop can decide for itself. Authorized workshops usually have a harder time with this than independent workshops. Nevertheless, more and more workshops are accepting that customers bring the spare parts themselves. Sometimes the consent is subject to conditions or the labor costs are somewhat higher than if the parts are procured via the workshop. Nevertheless, the repair costs for the customer can thus be reduced.

Why do customers want to bring spare parts to the workshop themselves?
What should be considered when buying spare parts on the Internet?

Why do customers want to bring spare parts to the workshop themselves?

A visit to the workshop is generally expensive. Therefore, it is not surprising that customers look where they can save money in the process. Many therefore search the Internet for the spare parts and compare the prices. Not infrequently, the Internet price is cheaper than the price offered by the workshop for the spare parts. But beware: not only the cheapest price should be decisive. Many garages refuse to accept no-name products because it is unclear where these items come from, what material they are made of, how they are made, and whether they meet specifications. Most workshops, on the other hand, accept quality goods from leading brand manufacturers. Only authorized workshops predominantly insist on original parts.

Vehicle on a lift in a workshop where you can bring spare parts

Branded goods are usually not as cheap as no-name items, but their quality is just as good as that of original parts. The reason for this is that vehicle manufacturers hardly ever produce car parts themselves, but also purchase them from brand manufacturers. This means that branded products meet the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers and can be installed without hesitation. Most workshops also use the spare parts from well-known parts manufacturers.

It's common knowledge that repair shops earn on labor hours as well as parts, but more and more prefer to take a cut of the money rather than forgo the entire job. Some try to compensate for this somewhat with increased labor costs. Here it is then worthwhile to compare the workshops and see where price-performance fits best.

In order not to simply bash your trusted workshop in the head, it is advisable to contact them in advance and agree on a few points.

  • Ask the workshop if you can bring the spare parts
  • Get an estimate of the cost
  • Are there any specifications from the workshop regarding the spare parts you are allowed to bring? For example, whether brand-name parts or only original parts may be brought
  • Clarify the part numbers if possible, so that you do not make any wrong purchases

What to consider when buying spare parts on the Internet?

Once this has been clarified, both sides know where they stand and can continue to work together in confidence. In addition, the following points should be taken into account when buying spare parts on the Internet:

  • Is the merchant located in Germany?
  • Does the store offer buyer protection options such as PayPal, Amazon Pay and Seal of Approval?
  • Does the store have a legal right of withdrawal and what are the return options?
  • Will the warranty for the parts otherwise provided by the workshop be taken over by the dealer?
  • Will reputable branded goods sold?
  • Is there traceable contact options?

We are a dealer to which all the above points apply. Thus, you can buy the right spare parts in brand quality at a reasonable price from us without worrying. We select our goods very carefully and have a good expertise through years of experience in the market and feedback from our customers. Our customer service will be happy to assist you and find the right spare parts for your vehicle or answer any questions you may have. You even have a right of withdrawal of 1 month instead of only 14 days. In addition, we have most spare parts in stock, which allows us to send the goods to you quickly. Save money with us, but not on safety!

It is recommended not to purchase spare parts from private individuals or at auctions, as the origin of the items is unclear and they may also be fakes. Also from very cheap offers, which deviate strongly from the average, one should leave the fingers. It makes sense to buy spare parts of high quality, because it serves above all your own safety and still brings the desired savings. Only high-quality spare parts have a long life and provide the necessary security. No one wants to have to replace the spare parts already after a few kilometers, because they are too quickly worn out or defective due to inferior quality. Then it is better to invest a little more money in the purchase of branded goods, but do not have to experience any nasty surprises. All products offered by us correspond to a high quality.

Cutout of a computer keyboard with a shopping cart icon as a representation for buying spare parts online

If you bring the spare parts yourself for the appointment at the workshop, you can save money. In this case, the workshop only assumes the warranty for the work, not for the spare parts. The warranty for the spare parts is then assumed by a dealer like us. If you accept this, you can help shape the repair costs transparently and thus better plan the necessary expenses.

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