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The W+S Autoteile Screwdriver Blog

On this page you will find expert tips, installation instructions, trends and news about our top products and the spare parts industry. We inform about classic sins during installation and replacement of typical wearing parts and point out the most important rules for do-it-yourself screwdrivers. Once the buyer has decided on a brand name spare part and unexpected problems occur later in operation, the problem often lies with the installation. For many products, the utmost care and the correct sequence of work steps are crucial. We will be happy to advise you individually on each product group - from the exhaust system to the ignition system.

05.08.2020: Which theft protection is the right one for my car?

In this blog entry we deal with theft protection and anti-theft devices for cars. Which systems are there and how do they work? What to do if the car is stolen anyway? Additionally we give some tips how to avoid car break-ins.

Continue to the article theft protection for my car

28.07.2020: Know the indicator lights in your car and interpret them correctly

In the dashboard of a car there are some indicator lights, but what do they actually mean? When do you have to go directly to the garage? When can you still drive on? In this blog post we explain the individual symbols of the warning lights!

Continue to the article Control lamps and their significance

07.07.2020: No more unpleasant smells in the car!

Unpleasant odours in the car are usually caused by fungal spores and bacteria in the air conditioning system. To counteract this, there are various methods, which we present in more detail in this blog post. We also give tips on how to prevent the formation of new odours in the long term.

Continue to article Cleaning the air conditioning system correctly

16.06.2020: First aid at the scene of an accident - how did it go again?

In the driving school the first aid course is compulsory - but do you still know how to give first aid? In this article we refresh your knowledge and give valuable tips on how to behave correctly at the scene of an accident. In addition, we have summarized what you should carry in your car when travelling in such cases.

Continue with the refresher course on first aid measures

26.05.2020: What you should know about refuelling!

There are many myths surrounding refuelling. But which are true and which are outdated? When is it possible to refuel at a cheap petrol station? We get to the bottom of the myths in our current blog post and have collected all kinds of interesting facts about refuelling.

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11.05.2020: The new catalogue of fines 2020 - What has changed?

The new catalogue of fines 202 has been in force since 28.04.2020. Speeding and incorrect parking will be punished more severely and cyclists will receive more rights. In this blog post you can read all about the changes.

Go to the contribution to the catalogue of fines 2020

17.04.2020: Is it possible to change the tyres by yourself?

For many, the tyres have to be changed in spring and autumn. In the workshop this is above all connected with costs. Therefore, many are considering whether the tyre change can be done by themselves. In this blog entry we give tips and hints what to consider when changing tires.

Continue to the contribution on tyre change

06.04.2020: The inspection - everything you need to know about maintenance and how to save money!

The inspection due always comes at the wrong time, but you can take precautions. In this blog entry we give you tips and advice on how you can reduce the costs of the next inspection.

Continue to the article on inspection

31.03.2020: What does the contact restriction mean when you are travelling by car?

How much gasoline can be stashed? Can carpools still be formed? Can I go to the workshop? In our current article we have summarized all the essential points in a clear manner.

Continue to the overview of the car in Corona times

18.03.2020: Our shipping service providers implement protective measures in the context of the Corona crisis

In order to comply with the requirements of the German government, not only we but also our shipping service providers have taken various precautions and measures. Find out here what has currently changed in the shipping service providers!

Go to the current measures of the shipping service providers

30.01.2020: Car care part 2: Everything for interior cleaning in the vehicle

Car care is good for the car and the well-being. In the following blog entry we give tips on car interior cleaning and everything that goes with it. A good cleaning can be implemented well if you follow our tips!

Go to the article on interior cleaning

23.01.2020: Saving fuel in winter - the right way

In this blog post we would like to give practical tips on how to save fuel in winter. You can find out why fuel consumption increases in winter and how you can reduce consumption here. 5 golden rules for economical winter months!

Go to the article on saving fuel in winter

16.01.2020: Bosch windscreen wipers - All you need to know

In this article we would like to help you to get to know the differences of Bosch wiper blades. In addition, we provide information and tips on care and installation. Which Bosch wiper blades are suitable for your vehicle? Take a look for a clear view!

Go to the article about Bosch windshield wipers

21.11.2019: Interesting facts about the car battery

What types of car batteries are there? How to change them correctly? What should I bear in mind when charging? How does the jump start work correctly? Are battery chargers worthwhile? In this blog post we will get to the bottom of all these questions in more detail.

Read more about car batteries

14.11.2019: New in our assortment: Hirscher Filter

We now also offer various Hirscher filters. You can obtain them from us as individual items or as finished product packages. In our current blog you can find out what Hirscher is all about, why we have chosen this brand and how you can benefit from it.

Continue to article about Hirscher

24.10.2019: Now new in our shop: Car parts express shipping with DPD

From now on it is also possible to have the car parts delivered by DPD via express delivery. In our current blog you can find out more about how car parts can be shipped by express and what you need to know.

Forward to the article about car parts express shipping with DPD

10.09.2019: Car Care Part 1: Everything for external vehicle cleaning

Regular car care makes sense and is good for the car. In this article, we focus on exterior vehicle cleaning and show what is important for good car care and what needs to be taken into account. In addition, we give a few tips on how to clean your car in winter and how to keep it clean longer.

Continue to the article about external car care

03.09.2019: Car approval online from 1st October 2019 possible

Register, unsubscribe or re-register your car from the comfort of your sofa, no matter when, no matter where? Not possible? It works! This will be possible online from 1st October 2019. Find out in our current blog post how online admission works and what documents and other equipment you will need.

Continue to article about car registration online

19.08.2019: What to do in a hot car?

The ever hotter summers often lead to temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. What is the best way to prepare the vehicle? What should I bear in mind when driving long distances in summer? We have summarised many useful tips and information on the dangers of heat in cars in this article.

Continue to article Dangers from heat in the car

17.07.2019: What does the right holiday check for your car look like?

It is holiday season and the car is still the most popular means of transport. Are you planning a longer car journey? With our vacation check you can prepare your car relaxed for the vacation journey. There you will learn what to look out for and will find some useful tips and information.

Continue to post holiday cheque for your car

25.04.2019: Why is it advisable to use a brake paste when changing brakes?

What are brake pastes for? What types are there? What is which one used for? In this blog post we will get to the bottom of these and other questions in more detail. Learn from us where and how the ceramic pastes are best applied.

Continue to article about brake pastes

07.03.2019: Is your vehicle fit for spring?

Spring is coming and it's time to get your car out of winter mode. But what does it take? We have summarized all the important steps here and can tell you so much: Just changing to summer tyres is not enough. Find out here what the right spring check for your car looks like.

Continue to spring check for your car

22.10.2018: What do the different exhaust colors mean?

Car exhaust fumes are nowadays almost colourless even in diesel vehicles. Therefore, coloured smoke is usually a sign that something is wrong. In our article we get to the bottom of the most important colours and explain what colour means.

Continue to article about exhaust colors

19.04.2018: Field report on the Blufixx UV repair pen

An adhesive that cures with UV light. How effective is it? Where can it be used? We took a closer look at the Blufixx repair pin, tested it in the automotive sector and compared it with other adhesives. Read here what we have experienced with him.

Read the Blufixx experience report

12.04.2018: Change brake discs correctly

The brakes in a car are of fundamental importance for driving safety. Since various components wear out bit by bit, a brake change is necessary again and again. In our blog post you can read when a brake change is necessary, what needs to be changed and what has to be taken into account. In addition, we will give you a few tips on how to correctly run in a new brake system and how you can extend the service life of the components.

Continue to brake change contribution