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The W+S Autoteile Screwdriver Blog

On this page you will find expert tips, installation instructions, trends and news about our top products and the spare parts industry. We inform about classic sins during installation and replacement of typical wearing parts and point out the most important rules for do-it-yourself screwdrivers. Once the buyer has decided on a brand name spare part and unexpected problems occur later in operation, the problem often lies with the installation. For many products, the utmost care and the correct sequence of work steps are crucial. We will be happy to advise you individually on each product group - from the exhaust system to the ignition system.

07.03.2019: Is your vehicle fit for spring?

Spring is coming and it's time to get your car out of winter mode. But what does it take? We have summarized all the important steps here and can tell you so much: Just changing to summer tyres is not enough. Find out here what the right spring check for your car looks like.

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22.10.2018: What do the different exhaust colors mean?

Car exhaust fumes are nowadays almost colourless even in diesel vehicles. Therefore, coloured smoke is usually a sign that something is wrong. In our article we get to the bottom of the most important colours and explain what colour means.

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19.04.2018: Field report on the Blufixx UV repair pen

An adhesive that cures with UV light. How effective is it? Where can it be used? We took a closer look at the Blufixx repair pin, tested it in the automotive sector and compared it with other adhesives. Read here what we have experienced with him.

Read the Blufixx experience report

12.04.2018: Change brake discs correctly

The brakes in a car are of fundamental importance for driving safety. Since various components wear out bit by bit, a brake change is necessary again and again. In our blog post you can read when a brake change is necessary, what needs to be changed and what has to be taken into account. In addition, we will give you a few tips on how to correctly run in a new brake system and how you can extend the service life of the components.

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